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Patrick Duffek



Patrick Duffek has coordinated and managed over 10,000 events in 2 decades in the Silicon Valley and nationally. Wait — 10,000 events? Yes, at least that many — and ONLY with the invaluable help of his team of contractors and the software pulling it all together.  The GigBase system has proven itself with clients and vendors – put to the test of sheer volume during the Silicon Valley’s Dot Com Boom and big events with Apple, Facebook, Google, eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Microsoft, Box, YMCA and many more. GigBase delivers!

GigBase Pro is a web-based solution for booking and managing entertainment and event services.  It’s your virtual booking agency – any time, anywhere, any device! GigBase solves the problem of managing chaos — all the players and many moving parts that come at you from all directions. No more boring spreadsheets, hunting for lost emails, or scrolling through countless text messages while coordinating events. GigBase connects all the pieces during the booking process, speeding up subcontracting, and streamlining your live event management. Your team, talent, venues and vendors are one-click away when sharing event details.

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We specialize in event planning and vendor coordination services.  From Ebay and Google, to Feld Entertainment and Universal Studios, our services have been proven successful to big business and small business.  The secret to success is having all of your event and staff contact information at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.  Our cutting edge service will do just that.  Our 18 years of experience and operations has helped us design a system that will streamline every aspect of event planning and all you have to do is take the call.  We have serviced hundreds of customers with less stress by utilizing the benefits of Event Lightning® and Gigbase Pro®. Let Event Lightning do the work for you. We’ve made doing business easy to save you time and money. With our pre-made forms, contracts, invoices, and proposals you can organize every event quickly and efficiently with little to no more work then inputting the basic details. Then you can manage and share data with your team and your customers anywhere, anytime from your computer, notepad or smart phone. We are unique and different from any other service out there. Event Lighting, with Gigbase Pro®, is a specialized system for booking, contracting, task management, selling, and accounting for your event business. In no time, let our pre-made infrastructure become the foundation to your successful business. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.  Input customer and staff data, produce forms or contracts, and run your event seamlessly in half the time!


Patrick Duffek represents the new generation of social-minded developers working in the events industry. He has been known nationally for years as a leader and ground-breaker in his field, and is viewed as a source of services and products by many sectors of the community. Customers come to him for services and products that are scarce or difficult to find. His new products have a unique set of offering for expansion in the events industry. Patrick has managed over 10,000 events with large and small companies as well as at private parties. He has contracted functions with Coca Cola, Ebay, Universal Studios, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, San Francisco Giants, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs. Patrick has been an innovative leader and industry expert, providing event services and helping small businesses grow. Sales will grow with the right combination of working smartly and technology, and using the right applications. Our new custom apps are able to run your business smoothly, especially because they are tailored exactly for your industry or small business. With a psychology degree and an enterprising spirit, Patrick has been able to coordinate groups of human effort working together to create large and small events. His eyes have been focused on creating easier business methods and effective applications for the benefit of the business owner. With his large number of events, he has been able to provide income to contracted local talent as well as putting his business system to a practical test. He has both technical as well as practical understanding of how to maximize technology to create a communicative environment before, during, and after an event, involving all players in an event. From nearly 20 years of contracting local services, Patrick saw the need arose that for all roles in special events to benefit from clear communication found in the Event Lightning system. Vendor Coordination will bring every player at the event to be working on the same page. With over 10 years of development, Event Lightning software has been customizing mobile applications to book, broker, and communicate to any type of vendor or contracted service. Clarity comes from managing the same information between all players in these contracted events, and customer satisfaction goes up.  Clear communication and focused contractual agreements have been central goals that belong between the small business owner and their customers, staff, and vendors. Patrick started Event Lightning to offer small businesses the way to work as effectively as possible. Patrick has been featured in many trade publications, and presented at many trade associations and industry seminars, teaching business practices. Patrick has always envisioned better business tools for the small business world. As head of event planning, Patrick has been hiring individuals since 1994, and he does value brokering services as central to a growing economy.